I build inclusive UX teams to create 0-1 products.

I am Sr. Product Design Manager at Twitter. Prior to that I worked at Lyft and Google, and I had my own startup in Brazil.


I strive to build diverse teams and safe spaces, making sure everyone is included and all voices are heard. Over the years I helped to build many products from 0 to billions of users, elevating designers to the strategy sphere.


Sr. Product Design Manager, Twitter

Leading Explore and Search, 2 core central parts of the Twitter experience. Building a team that helps Twitter users to discover interests, content and people they care about. I am hiring a Staff Designer!

More to come.

Head of Design, Lyft Business

How Salesforce uses Lyft Business

How Salesforce uses Lyft Business

Led a team of 6 designers covering 7 product areas: Concierge, Business Portal, Developer Portal, Healthcare, Lyft Pass, Business Travel, and Special Projects.

Lyft Business designs transportation solutions and programs that drive businesses and organizations forward, reward people, and upgrade riders experience.

Head of Design, Curator team – Google.

The impact of Files by Google on Indian Android users

The impact of Files by Google on Indian Android users

I was at Google for almost a decade, my last role was as Head of Design for Curator Team. Where I led several 0–1 inclusive products: Files by Google, Camera Go and Android TV data saver. Grew the team from 2 UXers to 9 UXers distributed in US, Brazil, India and Singapore. Files reached out to 1 Billion Installs.

"I love how easy Google makes it once you’ve decided you want to delete or move something. You tap a button and are taken to a second screen. Once there, you’re able to select all listed files or individual files one by one or to delete. Press delete and they’re gone. It’s that simple. The list of files is laid out well, you can tell exactly what you’re doing, and the process is fast. Kudos to the design team." Android Authority

Early in my career...