Chief Design Officer at Neon. Before I worked at Twitter, Lyft and Google.


Chief Design Officer, Neon

Evolving an org of 65+ super talented designers and researchers. Neon is a digital banking fintech focused on unbanked population it has 15M clients and raised 300M in 2022. Doubled the team, revamped the design culture and the shifted product direction.

Sr. Product Design Manager, Twitter

Head of Design, Lyft Business

Head of Design, NBU, Curator team – Google

"I love how easy Google makes it once you’ve decided you want to delete or move something. You tap a button and are taken to a second screen. Once there, you’re able to select all listed files or individual files one by one or to delete. Press delete and they’re gone. It’s that simple. The list of files is laid out well, you can tell exactly what you’re doing, and the process is fast. Kudos to the design team." Android Authority