Planning & Design @ My wedding
When me and my wife decided to marry we faced a lot of issues. First, how expensive is a wedding! Seems that wedding is a magic word to bring a lot o high prices. Second, everything related to wedding - at least in Brazil, was very pale, boring and homogenized. 

As my wife is a Project Manager and I’m myself a designer, we accepted the challenge and adventure ourselves into interior design, handcrafts and wedding planning. why not? So we did and/or defined almost every small detail in this medium size wedding, from the save the date invite to the cake top decoration. I myself did all the hand writing job, from the invitation card, sign design and menu. I planned all the interior design with rapid sketches on my moleskine. We also created the gifts for the guests - nice custom buttons based on poets and singers we love.

The result was a delightful vegan wedding, everything personal and created with love. The results were posted on some of major wedding blogs in Brazil.

Photos by Fernanda Cruz Photography

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