Play Me is a product owned by .Mobi/RBS Group the biggest media conglomerate in Brazil. Play Me is a customizable web radio which companies can buy, customize, brand as necessary. 
This multi platform product was my introduction to mobile world. And it was a great start as we build it on the arriving of iPhone, around 2007.  I had also to design for very limited old symbian and blackberry smartphones. Lesson learned, I built a flexible architecture to allow easy and quick customization. I worked closely with engineering team, brainstorming, testing and iterating to optimize the experience for new brands to come. At this point I managed a small team of designers to polish the UI and UX.
I also explored customization and brand design, icon design and illustration for some companies like Nike, Oi FM, Chilli Beans, São Paulo Fashion Week, among others. With the brazilian band Skank we won an initiative award from Globosat Multishow TV Channel.

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